Norwood Sports Mouth Guard

Active children are healthy children, but recreation and sports can present a threat to your child’s oral health. Athletic mouth guards can help protect your child’s teeth from a knee, elbow club, ball, racket or just about any other object flying toward his or her face. For maximum effectiveness, a sports mouth guard should fit well and be properly cleaned between usages. Custom mouth guards provide the best fit for active children and teens and can be acquire through your child’s Norwood dentist.

Did you know…

that as many as 39 percent of dental injuries are caused by sports and high-impact activities? Americans spend more than a half billion dollars annually to replace teeth. Unfortunately, five million of those teeth are knocked out in accidents – many of which could have been save had the patient been wearing adequate mouth and tooth protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need a custom sports mouth guard?

Your child needs a custom Norwood sports mouth guard if he or she participates in any type of activity – whether sports or recreationally related. From martial arts and basketball to hockey and biking, a sports mouth guard could save your child’s teeth from serious trauma or even total loss.

How will my child be fit for a mouth guard?

An impression will be taken of your child’s teeth, which will be used to produce a custom Norwood mouth guard. The guard will be made of superior quality materials that are designed to last long-term. In fact, your child will probably outgrow his or her guard before it needs to be replaced.

How should we care for the mouth guard at home?

You will need to clean your mouth guard between uses with cold water only. Use a softened toothbrush if necessary, and dry it before storing it safely in protective case. As your child grows, the mouth guard will need to be replaced to accommodate for a better fit.