Welcome to New England Dental Specialists of Norwood, office of Norwood orthodontist, Dr. [name]. Orthodontics is a dental specialty pertaining to the alignment of the teeth. Though it is often associated with childhood, orthodontic treatment can be used to correct misaligned teeth at nearly all ages and stages of life. Our goal is to help our patients achieve the smiles they have always dreamed of in the most comfortable, fast, and effective way possible.
Some of our services include:

  • Pediatric orthodontics
  • Adult orthodontics
  • Emergency care
  • Preventive orthodontics and appliances
  • Two-phase treatment
  • Ongoing orthodontic maintenance

Patient Comfort

Orthodontic excellence is about more than achieving functional and aesthetically pleasing teeth for our patients. It is also about ensuring that our patients meet their orthodontic goals with as little discomfort as possible. Our gentle and compassionate staff goes out of the way to keep patients as comfortable as possible at all stages of orthodontic treatment.

If you are in search of an orthodontist in Norwood, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. [name] and the staff here at New England Dental Specialists of Norwood. We look forward to serving you soon!